50 Mhz             

So proud … with K1SIX we have done the first qso between USA and the Republic of Djibouti ..
.. Some propagation on JA, VR2, DU, BD and BV for Asia.. some ZS, 7Q, FR and TR for Africa. Europe, Central Europe Russia, all former USSR and Middle East were always very strong here in Djibouti.
I was running IC706 MkIIG , with 40 to 70 watts in a R8 vertical antenna..
For now HK4CZE, K1SIX and other DX are in the log ..

        Unfortunately (For your log !)I’m back France since June 24th 2001.

.. The sightseeing qsy is done, with 80 qso logged, what a lazy day… But we were wondered by a so wild and rough place ! .. We checked at – 500 ft below sea level but not really funny, then we moved to – 60 meters (-200 fts) to pick some friends on the african net.
Last surprise .. be woken up by hyenas at 0100 am !!
– WX sunny and very windy, temp 17 celcius in the van !!
– RTX: my old FT900 and R7 vertical.

AF-053 J28NH/P
.. 24 hours on Maskali .. 630 qso. After 40 mn of boating, 1 hour to install the station, i started on 24 mhz before going on 14 mhz, pile up and good contacts from 1930 till 2330 gmt . Some sunrise qso with VK, VK9 and also with States and Canada before starting my radio trip around the world.. « Grey line was kind with me »..Back on rtx after 4 hours of hunting #~!/µ£.. mosquitos » in my bed… qso on 14 mhz with ZL, VK, T32 and hawaian stations, qsy on 18, 24 and 28 mhz in the afternoon. Stopping at 1330 gmt to back home.
– Wx 20 c sunny but windy day..
– Tested a little mobile copper antenna (4.5 mts long) with my IC706 and AH4 ATU for next « one day qsy ».. 59 report from PY on 28 mhz !

AF-053 J28CDXC
.. A 36 hours qsy on AF-053 with David J28EX .. »J28CDX » call for Clipperton DX Club, Qsy is done.. 1100 qso, 154 DXCC …
First RTTY and PSK qso from AF-053 .
– WX cloudy and windy, temp 30 celcius.
– RTX: FT840at/ IC-706 MkIIG windom FD4 and R7 vertical.
– AMD K7/880 MMTTY and Digipan.

AF-059 J28CDXC
..Qsy on AF-059 .. J28CDX for the Clipperton DX Club, 18 hours of boating .. 1100 qso, 74 DXCC …
– WX sunny and windy, temp 34 celcius.
– RTX: FT-900at – IC-706MkIIG and R7 vertical.

( © CDXC/J28NH/F5NHJ )

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