FK/F5NHJ 2022

Réseau des Répéteurs Francophones – 988 F5NHJ B)

FK/F5NHJ  Iota OC-032  ….  Locator RG37FR-57

QTH during our stay in New Caledonia :

– Qth Bourail RG28rj in western part of Main Island.. FT891 and a KW5  L Shaped antenna     from – Verticals home made and DXcommander shape

– Qth Noumea city RG37fr on Main Island .. Same rigs

– Qth Pine Island, Kuto RG37ri in south east of Main Island .. Same rigs
( #1  2022/04/23 to 2022/04/30 /// #2  2022/06/05 to 2022/06/09 )

RTX FT8xx / DATA, SSB, CW « holidays style » … FT8FT4 fox

30 to 50w barefoot. Just received from Denis K0TX a Digirig, and a Digimode-4 from Steve G8XGG.

Locator are changing and former qso are from other qth.. For each activation i will put the right one on this website..

Log upload on LOTW – Clublog  .. – day by day
Please no Paper Qsl – or Eqsl on return.

jean louis