My station


Return to Anjou after a few decades of qsy in France and around the world.
We are waiting for the house to be built and ready to welcome us


Since our departure from Roquebrune Cap Martin, in early 2008, I took advantage of the different stays in the Landes, Isère and Anjou departments to test some antennas .. The vertical « rod / wire, » the Bird yagi, which turned into 4 bands Hexbeam, through various whips, levy and half squares . A 5-band Spiderbeam HD is still in the box but i will rise it if is only to make it functional.


After 25 years of waiting, the sacrosanct « Pylon » has finally arrived (a 3×3 meter + 1 / CTA), will support the home made Hexbeam. 



 K3/100 for tranceiver, followed by an  Acom 1010 amplifier, Heil headphones very useful in the pileup.  Although the use of the amp there would not be wrong to say : .. I’m mostly barefoot and contacts are made .. But it is .. 😉


K2 and
New one IC7300 and X5150